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osip_event_t* osip_new_outgoing_sipmessage ( osip_message_t sip  ) 

Allocate a sipevent (we know this message is an OUTGOING SIP message).

sip The SIP message we want to send.

Definition at line 127 of file osip_event.c.

Referenced by eXosip2_answer_send(), eXosip_initiate_call(), eXosip_initiate_call_with_body(), eXosip_on_hold_call(), eXosip_options_call(), eXosip_register(), eXosip_retry_call(), eXosip_subscribe_refresh(), and eXosip_transfer_call_out_of_dialog().

  osip_event_t *sipevent;

  if (sip == NULL)
    return NULL;
  if (MSG_IS_REQUEST (sip))
      if (sip->sip_method == NULL)
      return NULL;
      if (sip->req_uri == NULL)
      return NULL;
  sipevent = (osip_event_t *) osip_malloc (sizeof (osip_event_t));
  if (sipevent == NULL)
    return NULL;

  sipevent->sip = sip;
  sipevent->type = evt_set_type_outgoing_sipmessage (sip);
  sipevent->transactionid = 0;
  return sipevent;

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