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int osip_negotiation_add_support_for_video_codec ( osip_negotiation_t ,
char *  payload,
char *  number_of_port,
char *  proto,
char *  c_nettype,
char *  c_addrtype,
char *  c_addr,
char *  c_addr_multicast_ttl,
char *  c_addr_multicast_int,
char *  a_rtpmap 

Add a supported video codec. Those codecs will be accepted as long as you return 0 when the callback 'fcn_accept_video_codec' is called with the specific payload.

payload The payload.
number_of_port The number of port (channel) for this codec.
proto The protocol.
c_nettype The network type in the 'c' field.
c_addrtype The address type in the 'c' field.
c_addr The address in the 'c' field.
c_addr_multicast_ttl The ttl for multicast address in the 'c' field.
c_addr_multicast_int The int for multicast address in the 'c' field.
a_rtpmap The rtpmap attribute in the 'a' field.

Definition at line 359 of file osip_negotiation.c.

References osip_list_add(), and osip_negotiation::video_codec.

  int i;
  __payload_t *my_payload;

  i = __payload_init (&my_payload);
  if (i != 0)
    return -1;
  my_payload->payload = payload;
  my_payload->number_of_port = number_of_port;
  my_payload->proto = proto;
  my_payload->c_nettype = c_nettype;
  my_payload->c_addrtype = c_addrtype;
  my_payload->c_addr = c_addr;
  my_payload->c_addr_multicast_ttl = c_addr_multicast_ttl;
  my_payload->c_addr_multicast_int = c_addr_multicast_int;
  my_payload->a_rtpmap = a_rtpmap;
  osip_list_add (config->video_codec, my_payload, -1);
  return 0;

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