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int osip_message_get_www_authenticate ( const osip_message_t sip,
int  pos,
osip_www_authenticate_t **  dest 

Get one Www-authenticate header.

sip The element to work on.
pos The index of the element to get.
dest A pointer on the header found.

Definition at line 382 of file osip_www_authenticate.c.

References osip_list_get(), osip_list_size(), and osip_message::www_authenticates.

  osip_www_authenticate_t *www_authenticate;

  *dest = NULL;
  if (osip_list_size (sip->www_authenticates) <= pos)
    return -1;                /* does not exist */

  www_authenticate =
    (osip_www_authenticate_t *) osip_list_get (sip->www_authenticates, pos);

  *dest = www_authenticate;
  return pos;

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